Why Mobile Marketing? Because Businesses Need Your Help!Types-of-Computer-Memory8564512-computer-and-stethoscope
Why Mobile Marketing? Because Businesses Need Your Help!
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Notebook-Laptop Memory

Notebook/Laptop Computer Memory The Notebook/laptop computer memory is one of the key components of what makes a good laptop. Memory should be sufficient to allow you to accomplish the tasks you wish to perform with your laptop. As your computing needs for memory increases, the laptop should allow easy upgrade of laptop computer memory to [...] Read more
When does your computer need more memory?

When does your computer need more memory?

When does your computer need more memory ? Here are a few simple — but telling — signs that your computer could benefit from a memory upgrade. A  poor sluggish performance in everyday tasks. A simple task on PC doesn’t respond or seems to take forever for an application to open. Frequently receive  system notifications [...] Read more

How to make a computer faster

How to make a computer faster: Ways to speed up your PC By following a few simple guidelines, you can maintain your computer, help increase your PC speed, and help keep it running smoothly. This article discusses how to use the tools available in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3 to [...] Read more
Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing Tips

If you think about how integral mobile phones have become in most of our lives, it’s really quite incredible. Most of us cannot live without our mobile phones. Whether it’s to keep in touch with family and friends, to use for work purposes, or whatever the purpose mobiles phones usage is continuing to rise at [...] Read more
Mobile Marketing Today

Mobile Marketing Today

Today there are more than 100 million mobile phone users in the U.S. who access the internet on their devices. This number will only continue to rise, especially if you think more on a global scale. Smart phones are becoming less expensive and more prevalent which makes marketing to mobile users much easier than ever [...] Read more
Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Are you looking for information on how to take advantage of mobile marketing? Have you considered mobile App marketing? If not, or if you’ve never heard of using mobile apps as an effective mobile marketing solution, please read on. Apps offer businesses an incredible opportunity to market their business to a quickly expanding mobile market. Read more

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  • The Full Nerd episode 12: The best PC hardware, laptops, and games of 2016
    This week on The Full Nerd, Gordon Mah Ung, Brad Chacos, Hayden Dingman, and Adam Patrick Murray debate the best PC hardware and games of the year. 10-core Intel chips or AMD’s new generation of APUs? The Radeon RX 480 or Nvidia’s beastly GTX 10-series graphics cards? Battlefield 1 or Forza Horizon 3? The gang chimes in on all that and more.Spoiler: Some of
  • How Windows 10's data collection trades your privacy for Microsoft's security
    Windows 10’s aggressive data-collection capabilities may concern users about corporate spying, but enterprises have control that consumer-edition Windows users do not: Administrators can decide how much information gets sent back to Microsoft.But enterprises need to think twice before turning off Windows telemetry to increase corporate privacy. That’s becaus
  • Microsoft's 'Holoportation' will virtually beam you into another room
    Microsoft is bringing a whole new level to remote social interaction with “Holoportation.” The prototype technology allows users to see, hear, and interact with others remotely as if both are present in the same physical space. 3D cameras capture and record a users movements and construct a temporally consistent 3D model. That data is then compressed and sen
  • Intel's silence on Optane SSDs raises questions about launch and focus
    There’s a lot of excitement about Intel’s superfast Optane SSDs, but products won’t be on shelves this year as the chipmaker had earlier promised. Intel is currently making Optane in a factory in China, and production will “ramp” up next year, said Stacy Smith, executive vice president of manufacturing, operations, and sales at Intel. Smith declined to comme
  • Watch Dogs 2 review: A fresh, interesting rebirth that ditches the stale Ubisoft formula
    Bear with me for a bit. I’m going to get around to Watch Dogs 2, but it’s going to be by way of a semi-lengthy tangent into Assassin’s Creed—particularly, what Assassin’s Creed II meant to that now-juggernaut of a series. It’s easy to forget, with almost a decade of sequels under our belt, that there was a time when Assassin’s Creed could’ve conceivably died
  • Russia claims it foiled a cyber attack from a foreign spy service
    The Russian government claims to have foiled a "large-scale" cyber attack from foreign intelligence services meant to destabilize the country’s financial system.The government’s Federal Security Service made the statement on Friday without blaming a specific country, but said the attack was meant to be carried out on Dec. 5 against a number of majo